Adventures in Perl 6

Nelson Ferraz
Publicado em 15/10/2007

r7 - 15 Oct 2007 - NelsonFerraz

Adventures in Perl 6

This presentation shows how to create a text-based adventure game in Perl 6.

* Nordic Perl Workshop: Adventures in Perl6 - slides from the Nordic Perl Workshop 2007 - Copenhagen.
* Adventures in Perl6 - slides from the techmeeting, held a few days after the NPW. In this presentation, I started to implement a world similar to the one presented in Games::ScottAdams::Tutorial, which uses a specialized language for adventures. Remember that my goal was not to write the Ultimate Adventure Engine, but to learn a bit more of Perl 6 by writing one.
* the same presentation for techmeeting, on 2007-07-10.
* Adventures in Perl6 was presented at YAPC::Europe::2007, by Flavio Glock, on 2007-08-28 (Vienna)
* Forum de Software Livre de Lisboa, 2007-10-13 (Lisbon)
* See the source code.

Next steps

* Use Perl 6 classes and roles to define objects and what they can do

Let me know if you have any ideas! : )


Nelson Ferraz

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